Photoshoot: People in Train Usually Don´t Share Our Artistic Nature

I thought that this photoshoot is cursed.

Me and Romana tried to arrange this photoshoot for very long time. So long that I had started to think that it´s cursed - she was sick twice, once it was the coldest day of whole winter and on last try the whole day looked on heavy rain.
Luckily it was´t raining and I´m really happy that we were able to shoot because it was a very pleasant afternoon I spent with Romana. It was definitely worth of long waiting.


I knew quickly what theme I want to shoot - moody story about a girl leaving her home with big, old suitcase. I had wanted to shoot it with Krist├Żna before but we end up with something different so this time it was easy choice.

As the main prop I used an old suitcase of my mum. For me it´s very photogenic but let me say that most people in train or public transportation don´t share the same artistic vision and they looked at me more like at some lunetic than a creative person. :D Plus if you enter the bus with big silver desk (reflector) you get even less understanding.
Hard life of a photographer :)

Location Planning

Originally I planned to do the photoshoot in a city park. It´s very nice place but quite busy for purpose of photoshoot. Plus I didn´t want to get even more public attention. I have my limits :) So I decided to change the location on a small field near river not so far from my flat.

Below you can see few photos from location scouting I did on November.

You can use reflector without assistant

Since I made the reflector I´ve never had the opportunity to use it outside. I hoped to use it that day. I´ve even found a way how I can use it without assistant - you can hang it on your tripod. It doesn´t give you so many possibilites like working with someone else but it can be a good alternative.

I didn´t use the reflector because it was cloudy weather and because of that very diffused light and I saw no point in using it. Don´t get me wrong - I like shooting with these light condition. Light is very soft and creates nice transitions between lights and shadows, you can get almost the same effect with softbox.
It´s just that I was really looking forward to use my reflector :)

(During almost the same light condition I shoot with Ifka. You can read more about it here - "Photoshoot With The Biggest Softbox in the World".)

Does seasons affect mood of your pictures?

On bit unrelated note - I´ve realized that every year when winter turns to early spring my pictures are most depressive. But according to my"logic" they should be the most optimistic because the annoying winter is finally gone and there are at least six months with good weather to come.
Do you observe something similar with your work?

Fun in Photoshop

As usually I really enjoyed post production in Photoshop. Mostly I played with lights and shadows to create more magical atmoshpere. For that I used dodge and burn technique (read more here) and also bit of direct painting. For color adjustments most changes were done with Selective Color adjustment layer. I also used Levels several time to increase some local contrast.

Following video shows post processing of one picture layer by layer.

Resolusions to see your progress

I remember that in one of the previous article describing my photo journey I give myself some resolution in which areas I´d like to become better. I think it could be interesting to look at them and see if I actually become better.

Here they are:
  1. finally shoot in RAW (I don´t know what I´m waiting for),
  2. make the photoshoot les spontaneous and more prepared,
  3. add some conceptual twist to the photos,
  4. make photos more fashion looking.
Ad 1) As I read them I have to say that I´m satisfied with my progress. I shoot in RAW during every photoshoot since working with Ifka.

Ad 2) Before when I and Chrysseis went shooting it was something like:

Me: "Let´s take some photos today!"
Chryss: "OK! Where could we go? What about that nice forrest near town?"
Me: "Sounds great. Let´s grab some clothes and go!"

I´m not saying that it was all bad. I really like many photos which were shot this way and it was always lovely afternoon I spent with Chrysseis but I think that with more preparation you can get more professional results (for Chrysseis: I´m really looking forward to a new photoshoot with you! Prepared or not, you´re my best model!)

E.g. for this photoshoot I knew what I´d like to shoot, which props and mood, what kind of clothing, hair and makeup. And I had also prepared few poses in advance. It was much easier to concentrate on actual shooting. Hope that it will work with every photoshoot :)

Ad 3,4) I´m not sure if I get better with mentioned "conceptual twist" because I´m not completely sure what it was supposed to mean :) Conserning the fashion flair I think I get better but only very little. It´s definitelly something I need to work more.

And what are the actual resolutions?

  1. Definitely become better with posing - let model more interact with props and environment, use more dynamic poses.
  2. Make the story line of photoshoot stronger.
  3. Find more interesting locations.
  4. As always - work better with light.
  5. Become makeup artist.(?)


This article becomes longer than I expected. Hope it was still interesting reading for you cause it was fun for me to write it :)

If you havy any questions or tips, don´t be shy and let me know in comments! It always makes me happy :)

Have a beautiful Monday
 - Jarka