Photoshoot: Weather Was Finally on My Side

On February I contacted cloth designer Michaela Naušová if she would be interested in collaboration. She agreed and last week we had a photoshoot together.

Final resul

Final Results

Arranging Photoshoot

Originally I should take photos of some urban clothes Michaela designed but she decided for another photographer whose style fits better to that kind of clothes. For some time I thought that our collaboration won’t happen but then she contacted me and wanted me to shoot her 30´s inspired dresses. And I happily agreed.

As usually, when you have to find free time for more people, arranging of photoshoot took quite a long time. It´s usually hard to find suitable date for two people and it´s almost impossible to do it for four people, especially when models don´t have modeling as full time job or need to have babysitting.

(And sometimes it´s just impossible to find a nanny and you need to take a baby with you.)

Luckily after some intensive facebook communication we were able to set up a date for shooting. I was bit nervous that it was going to rain because it had rained three days in row before. But the morning we took photos it was one of the most beautiful weathers of this spring.
On the following picture you can see Michaela (cloth designer) enjoying that lovely morning.

Why do I love to shoot with reflector?

Few days before photoshoot a silver/golden reflector had arrived from China so I was really eager to try it outside. And let me say that it has quickly become one of my favorite equipment while shooting. It makes really big difference to shoot with and without it. According to me photos where reflector is used look more interesting and I think also more professional. 

I hadn´t seen progress in my photos from few photoshoots before and had been really upset about it. Thus the reflector was my salvation from going crazy :) I really hate when I start feeling that my work is not becoming better and then I´m pretty depressed and can´t think about anything else than how to make my photos better.
On the photos below you can compare how big difference a reflector makes. (Both pictures are only very slightly edited – I just increased their contrast.)

Shooting in hurry isn´t good for photos

The whole shooting was in hurry because the cloth designer had only two hours of free time and wanted me to shoot five models. It caused that photo of one of the dress didn´t turn out as well as I imagined.
Imaginary note to myself: Next time I need to be more specific about how much time I need for shooting.

I didn´t shoot many “behind the scenes” photos because it wasn´t time on anything else than shooting. But I was able to snap this one where Michaela is adjusting clothing on one of the models.

There were a lovely woman with a huge dog

And I almost forget one lovely woman who offered that we can borrow her huge dog to shoot with it. I haven´t time to edit photos I took with it properly but there is one quick snapshot.


I really hope that you enjoy reading this article. Would you be interested in seeing post processing of one of the photos? If so let me know in comments and I´ll try to do my best :)
Have a lovely Monday!