I´m in China!

I´m in China from Saturday so this post is bit shorter than my usual posts. Instead of anything concrete I´d like to show you some photos from my recent photoshoots. I´ll definitelly write more about them in future article. This is just a little teaser :)

At the end of April I had a photoshoot with absolutelly photogenic model Jana in local ZOO and Dinopark. We almost ruined Tyrrannosaurus Rex while shooting :D

Ten days later I finally shot Hanka. We were trying to set up a date for shooting for long three months. Remember this article? It was the second time when weather ruined our plans.

Week ago I had quick photoshoot with my sister. I need to test my new camera on someone and she is always the best choice :) I plan to write tut about post processing this photo soon!

Few days back I had a fashion photoshoot with very talented cloth designer and beautiful model.

I´ll post some photos from my trip after I´ll be back home :)